Aptitude/Achievement Discrepancy Calculations for Help in Making Learning Disabilities Qualification Decisions


Below you will find information about your account and using Estimator.

Setting up an account with Estimator using a credit card is quick and easy. Simply enter the basic information on the sign-up page and your credit card information. An email verification will be sent to the address provided. From there, your account is active and ready to use.

Sharing your login credentials is never a good idea. Your subscription account is governed by number of reports not user login accounts. Each account has the option of adding additional user logins under the master admin account, which is the our recommended way to allow additional users access to the Estimator tools.

Both adding reports and upgrading is simple. Under Settings, click the “Add Reports/Upgrade” link. In this area you will be able to incrementally purchase additional reports under your account as well as upgrade to the next tier. If the amount of reports added qualify you for the next tier, your account will automatically be upgraded and the new tier will be reflected at the end of month billing cycle.

Accounts can be cancelled at anytime, however you will be billed through the remainder of your billing cycle.

Simply visit the Settings page, click the 'Billing/Subscriptions' tab, then click the ‘Delete Account’ button to cancel your account. The reports under your account will be visible/accessible through the end of your final billing cycle.

Our General Commercial Terms for Estimator are available for download.

  • Using Estimator:

In order to utilize the Estimator tool effectively, you will need demographic information on the student including; name/identifier, date of birth, school grade. For the aptitude and achievement information; date of testing, learning disability area assessed, name of test and score. The test and score names which may be used for discrepancy determination are listed in the reports found at

Your Estimator reports are stored for the duration of the subscription.

Discrepancy cut-offs vary from state to state and sometimes school district to school district. It is important to find out the cut-off of the state or district you are working with in order to determine discrepancies. The results of Estimator are subject to interpretation by the individual LEA’s using the tool.

Yes. Your private account and Estimator reports are stored on a securely on our private cloud. We do not share your account details or reports with others. The Estimator team adheres to industry standard best practices in order to keep your account data segregated and secure.


Interested in an account for Estimator? Have a question for Dr. Baer? Use the form below to contact the Estimator team. Please make sure to mention which school district (or company) you are associated with.